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Pre-Auction Vehicle Sales

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General Information

After performing a search for your next vehicle through this website, you may have noticed a single price next to the vehicle details. This means the vehicle has been selected to be part of the Pre-Auction sale program. Pre-Auction sales are a no-negotiation, no-pressure, no-haggling method of purchasing a government vehicle, perfectly suited for those customers unable to attend the auction.

To purchase a vehicle, simply contact or visit your local auction complex. Some auction complexes are open on weekends - check before visiting. Helpful sales staff will be around to answer any questions and walk you through the details of any vehicle, but remember, no pressure. However, as vehicles are only offered pre-auction for a limited time, first in best dressed does apply.

Pre-Auction selling is only offered in certain areas, so please check the state pages to see if your local auction house is involved!