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General Information

How to Register

By now you’ve got a few cars in mind and you’re ready to “have a go”. Simply turn up on the morning of the auction and fill out a Buyers Registration Form – for this you will need to produce your valid Australian Driver’s Licence with your current address. The Registration Form enables us to issue you with a Bidder Number for this auction, which is your identity for the duration of the day’s auction sale.

At the Auction

All vehicles will be lined up in our auction complex, selling in Lot Number. order. At the beginning of the auction, the auctioneer will announce the terms and conditions under which the sale will take place.

Each lot is sold as a separate unit and is sold in numerical order. All vehicles have a Reserve Price set by the vendor (government or statutory authority) and the auctioneer will commence the bidding at a reasonable starting figure. The bid usually rises in increments of $500, $250, $200 or $100 – no less. To bid, raise your bidder’s card in the air in full view of the auctioneer or his “spotters” until you have been acknowledged by the auctioneer. From this point, continue bidding as you see fit as the auctioneer will make it plainly clear where the current bid lies.

Auction Outcomes

There are only 3 possible outcomes once the bidding has stopped on a particular Lot number.

  1. If the vehicle reaches reserve it is sold to the highest bidder.
  2. If the bidding stops just short of reserve, that price will be referred back to the owner of the vehicle and negotiations will only take place with the highest bidder. If you are waiting for an answer on such referrals, you may bid & purchase any other vehicles in the sale. This is called a referral. If a bid is referred to your buyer number, you have the option of purchasing the vehicle at the reserve.
    However, you MUST communicate your intention to purchase another vehicle to the appropriate Manheim employee located in the auction rostrum in the lane that the referral occurred before you bid on any other vehicle.
  3. If the bidding stops too far below reserve, the vehicle will be passed in and will go in the following week’s auction sale.

If you are a successful bidder, you will be required to leave a $500 deposit (cash or bank cheque) on the fall of the hammer, and pay the balance by cash, bank cheque, BPAY, EFT or through your finance company within 24 hours.

Congratulations, you’re the highest bidder

Now comes the business of paying. Acceptable payment methods are cash, bank cheque, BPAY, EFT or finance. Only once cleared funds are in our bank account will we release the vehicle to you. If you choose not to go ahead with the purchase of the vehicle you will forfeit your $500 deposit.

Included in your Invoice will be a Buyer’s Administration Fee of $300.00, and a $33 Handling Fee – there are no other hidden administration costs or fees. If you choose to pay by cash or bank cheque, present your funds to the cashier and drive away today. If you chose to pay by BPAY, EFT or Finance, please understand the vehicle will not be released to you until those cleared funds enter our account (not leave your account).

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Do you need finance?

If you require finance on your vehicle, we have finance facilities based at our auction sites provided by We suggest contacting them before attending auction so you are pre-approved and know how much you can spend.
To contact, call 1300 889 669 or click here to apply for finance

What to do once you have purchased your vehicle

You are now the owner of an Government vehicle. Most of our Government vehicles are sold with current registration. If this is the case with your vehicle, you have 14 days to proceed to the Roads & Traffic Authority and transfer the registration into your name and pay 3% of the purchase price in Stamp Duty.

Vehicles Unregistered for Less than 3 months (with Registration Plates)

You will be required to take the following documents to the Roads & Traffic Authority:

  • Current Pink Slip (Safety Inspection Report), available onsite at Manheim – Pink Slips are only required for vehicles older than 3 years of age.
  • Green Slip (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) available from your insurer.
  • Vehicle Proof of Purchase (Manheim Tax Invoice).
  • Completed Application for Transfer of Registration form, available from the RTA.

Vehicles Unregistered for More than 3 months (Without Registration Plates)

You will be required to take the following documents to the Roads & Traffic Authority:

  • Current Blue Slip (Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Report) available onsite at Manheim.
  • Green Slip (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) available from your insurer.
  • Vehicle Proof of Purchase (Manheim Tax Invoice).
  • Completed Aplication for Registration form, available from the RTA.